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Curtain Cleaning Melbourne – Marks Curtain Cleaning offers the best onsite drapery cleaning, blinds cleaning, curtain steam/dry cleaning services in Melbourne. Our professional curtain cleaners know all the possible ways to make your window covering clean and brand new once again. Besides curtains, we also provide blinds cleaning which includes, roman blinds cleaning, Venetian blinds cleaning, vertical blinds cleaning, mini blinds cleaning, panel blinds cleaning & also drape cleaning. We clean and restore your window coverings like curtains, blinds and draperies to the perfection at affordable prices.

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  • Same Day Curtain Steam Cleaning Services

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Why is Professional Curtain Cleaning Important?

We all know that the curtain is hanging on the window and air inside the house enters through windows and doors. If your curtain will be dirty and stained then chances are that you will be breathing in polluted air. This can create several health concerns for you and your family. The dirty and stained curtain will also diminish the look of your interior. Thus, to keep a safe and good looking aura inside the house or any other place, curtain cleaning has got an important role.

  • Quality assurance
  • Suggestions from the industry’s top interior designer
  • Helpful in removing hidden dirt and germs
  • Zero error assurance
  • Odour free curtains
Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Our Popular Curtain Cleaning Services

At Marks Curtain Cleaning, we are proud to offer our most popular curtain cleaning services. As per the reviews and experience, we have mastered in certain areas of curtain cleaning. Here read more about our exclusive curtain cleaning services.

Drape Cleaning

Drape Cleaning Melbourne

Marks Curtain Cleaning knows the best ways to clean your drapes and curtains to perfection. Our professionals can do onsite and offsite drapery cleaning in Melbourne. We use only high-quality chemicals to clean your curtains and draperies that are eco-friendly and completely safe for humans. Our cleaners will carefully remove your draperies from plastic shanks, and install them back after the cleaning process. Get in touch with us for your curtain and drape cleaning needs, and get the special discount running for the day.

Venetian Blind Cleaning Melbourne

Venetian Blind Cleaning Melbourne

Venetian blind is most elegant looking blind, mostly they are light in colour which makes them faded and muddy over time. When air passes through Venetian blind, the dust collides with it and settles down, the daily dust build-up makes the curtain look ugly. Hence, blind cleaning becomes necessary. At Marks Curtain Cleaning, we make sure that the blind cleaning goes well, our technician is trained to do the Venetian blind cleaning Melbourne efficiently.

Roller Blind Cleaning Melbourne

Roller Blind Cleaning Melbourne

While roller blinds make the home look good, it’s the last thing which we look at for cleaning. The cleaning of roller blind is not difficult if you’re an expert, and if you’re not an expert it’s equally difficult to clean the roller blinds. Over time the blinds get affected by dust, dirt and bacteria build-up, this makes the roller blind cleaning Melbourne Necessary. Marks Curtain Cleaning has a team of a knowledgeable and skilled technician, who has been doing the roller blind cleaning in Melbourne for years.

Roman Blind Cleaning Services

Roman Blind Cleaning Services

Our curtain & blinds cleaning services also encompass pelmets, valances, roman blinds, and other types of curtains. Moreover, Roman blind cleaning and Roman curtain cleaning are our specialties and we give the best treatment for your expensive, favourite, and lovely curtains and blinds.

Curtain Mould Removal

Curtain Mould Removal

Mould comes on curtains because of moisture, it is a type of fungus which travels in the air and just needs a host place. This place if moist and humid then mould will begin to do family planning and start spreading all over your home. Like human civilization spreads to all earth. At Marks Curtain Cleaning, we provide a complete curtain mould removal solution. Our effective solvents and cleaning machines are designed to kill mould and sanitize curtains.

Curtain Steam Cleaning

Curtain Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Our Curtain Steam Cleaning process ensures the incredible longevity of your curtains and helps to make your home and workplace clean and hygienic. With our specialised services, we help make your surrounding germ free that ultimately reduces the risk of health hazards in the home. It is the right cleaning equipment and high-quality cleaning solutions that give us the confidence of making your window covering clean, spotless and contaminant free. Also, the team of our curtain cleaners is capable of offering both onsite and offsite curtain steam cleaning services to both residential and commercial spaces.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Curtain Dry Cleaning Melbourne

One of our specialised services is curtain dry cleaning Melbourne that helps cleaning your curtains to perfection. We start our curtain cleaning Melbourne process with the deep inspection of curtains that help us determine the stains settled inside the curtain fibre. After the thorough inspection, we pre-vacuum your curtains for the removal of loose dust particles. Then we spot treat the affected area for curtain stain removal and then we dry clean your curtain with our eco-friendly and specialised solution.

All Types of Curtain Cleaning Services in Melbourne

There are a variety of curtains and drapes are available and widely used. We know people doubt whether their curtains are safe to be cleaned or not. Yes, while this is true but every curtain should be cleaned and sanitized. Thus, in our inspection, we check the type of curtain and recommend the cleaning method accordingly. Here are some types of curtain which we clean and sanitize.

  • Box Pleated curtain cleaning
  • Cased Heading curtain cleaning
  • Eyelet Curtains cleaning
  • Tab Top Curtains cleaning
  • Sheer Curtain Cleaning
  • Velvet Curtains Cleaning
  • Pencil Pleat Curtain Cleaning
  • Lace Curtain Cleaning
  • Double Box Pleat Curtains
  • Goblet Pleat Curtain Cleaning
  • Decorator Fabrics Curtain Cleaning
  • Garment and Quilting Fabrics Curtain Cleaning
  • Sheer Fabrics Curtain Cleaning
  • Linings and Interlinings Curtain Cleaning

How We Will Clean Your Curtain?

We have two teams at Marks Curtain Cleaning Melbourne for curtain cleaning. First is for onsite curtain cleaning and the other is for off-site curtain cleaning.

Onsite Curtain Cleaning Melbourne:

  • Curtain Inspection –

    Our team starts by inspecting the curtain and finding out the details required to clean it.

  • Curtain Stain Removal –

    We then perform curtain stain removal using our age-old, tried and tested, eco-friendly stain removing solutions. Read our curtain stain removal tips and deal with these mild stains.

  • Cleaning Treatment –

    We have the means to perform both curtain steam cleaning Melbourne and curtain dry cleaning. The inspection process lets us know which cleaning method would be the best for your curtains and accordingly we do the same.

  • Curtain Deodorizing –

    The next step is to deodorize the curtains to give a fresh and fragrant look to your curtains.

  • Final Curtain Inspection –

    The last step is to do a final inspection of the curtains to ensure customer satisfaction.

Professional blind Cleaners
Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Offsite Curtain Cleaning Melbourne:

If you opt for offsite curtain cleaning, our technicians will come to your place and they will remove the curtains. Next, they’ll provide you with an estimated quote, take the curtains to our in-plant outlet for cleaning, get them cleaned, and bring them back and install it. Here are some terms and conditions.

  • We find out if there is any damage and if there is we bring to your notice.
  • We take precise measurements because we want to make sure there is no shrinkage after the cleaning.
  • After inspection, we give you a quote for the job and agree on it mutually.
  • We let you decide whether the job has been done thoroughly.
  • For blinds cleaning, we use ultrasonic cleaning methods for highly effective results.

Most Versatile Curtain Cleaners

Conventional curtain cleaning methods are unable to clean the curtains completely. Even vacuum cleaning does not do any good. This could also result in a loss of quality and colour of your expensive curtains. Therefore, professional curtain cleaning is the best solution. Who can book our services:

  • Motels & Apartment
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Homes and Flats
  • Office
  • Medical Centres and clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Movie Theatres
  • Child/Old age Care Centres

Marks Curtain Cleaning has the best curtain cleaning technology, absolutely proven cleaning treatments, and experienced cleaners to deliver efficient results.

Curtain Cleaning Service

Same Day Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Sometimes it becomes very important to have the curtain cleaned and sanitized urgently. Important guests are like a god and we don’t want to ruin our impression because of the dirty and mouldy curtain. At Marks Curtain Cleaning, we offer our clients with emergency curtain cleaning service. In this service, we ensure that we deliver our clients with all kinds of curtain and drape cleaning services on the same day of booking.

End of lease curtain cleaning service

Marks Curtain Cleaning provides the best curtain cleaners for the services. The end of lease services is for tenants whose lease is going to expire. We have licensed curtain cleaners and we provide certification and affordable curtain cleaning service which comply with the tenant lease agreement. To know more about this service, give us a call.

Why Choose Us For Curtain Cleaning Melbourne?

We at Marks Curtain Cleaning provide services for Blind and Curtain Cleaning Melbourne and ensure that your curtains become completely free of dust, dirt, and pollutants without any loss of colour, shrinkage, or any sort of damage to the fabric. Our trained professionals are known to treat each kind of fabric with the utmost tenderness. We understand that no two fabrics are the same and thus should not be treated in the same manner. We have special cleaning methods for different kinds of fabrics.

Best Curtain Cleaning
  • Most cost-effective curtain cleaning in Melbourne.
  • 7 days of curtain cleaning service in Melbourne.
  • A dedicated team of licensed, certified, and well-equipped professionals.
  • On-site curtain cleaning in Melbourne.
  • We use eco-friendly curtain cleaning products that are safe for your family & pets.
  • Customer-friendly staff giving satisfaction.

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