How to Remove Mould From Your Fabric Curtains?

Mould is a kind of fungus that grows in the multicellular form on most of your belongings in favorable conditions and your curtains are no exception. It is nearly impossible to stop mould growth when the sunlight and cooler surface meet. However, there are certain tips that can help you with mould removal from curtains. Plus, you should be a little quick in the curtain mould removal treatment, so, it’s growth does not hamper your health and hygienic environment in the home. Below mentioned are the procedures that can help with curtain mould removal quickly and safely.

Remove Mould From Your Fabric Curtains

Best Way for Mould Removal from Fabric Curtains


Vacuum your curtains while hanging, primarily focusing on mouldy areas. After vacuuming do not forget to throw the vacuum bag outside, as it will be containing the mould spore. If you do not throw the bag outside, the spores can contaminate the entire home.
You can also brush your fabric curtain with a stiff-bristled brush. Brushing can also get a big amount of mould from the curtains. If you have opted for brushing, make sure you take the curtains outside, because would you not want to spread the mould throughout the house.

Machine Wash

The next step is to machine wash your curtains if they are machine washable. Make sure you check the tags to find out the right fabric curtain cleaning method. If the fabric allows then only put the curtains through a wash cycle. Machine washing can get rid of mould from your curtains.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Dry clean the curtains if the fabric is not machine washable. This a great alternative when it comes to mould removal from curtains. If you are not aware of curtain dry cleaning methods, consider hiring professional curtain cleaning services. Bear in mind, the cleaners first should treat mouldy areas on the curtains before attempting the dry cleaning process. If the curtain dry cleaning process is executed before mould removal, then the mould will blind to your curtain fabric. Hence, it is important to execute the mould removal process before the fabric curtain cleaning.

Hang Dry The Curtains

If mould spots still remain even after the cleaning procedure hang your curtains to air dry and do not do any further stain removal treatments. Putting the fabric curtains through your dryer can worsen the situation. Doing so may blast the mould spots with air. Hanging the curtains to air dry is the right method to carry out mould removal from curtains.

Other Curtain Mould Removal Methods

The Citrus Solutions

Using citrus fruits for mould removal is an ancient and widely used method for curtain mould removal. This method involves rubbing the mouldy areas with lemon juice and salt paste.

  • Firstly, wring the fabric of the curtain with lemon juice, then pour a good amount of salt over.
  • Then, rub the mixture with a soft cloth.
  • Once done, rinse the curtain thoroughly because lemon juice can leave a yellowish stain onto the fabric.
  • Put the curtain in the wash cycle again.

Oxygen Bleach

You can also use oxygen bleach for mould stain removal from curtains, only if the curtain fabric allows. Make sure you do a patch test before using the oxygen bleach all over the curtain.

    • Soak The Curtain in the Oxygen Bleach
    • Add a cup of oxygen bleach powder into the washing machine filled with the water and leave the curtain for about thirty minutes.
    • Then give a regular clean wash to your curtains.

Commercial Mould Cleaner

If nothing seemed to work for mould removal from curtains, try commercial removal products onto your curtains. These products are specifically designed for mould removal. Choose the best curtain mould remover carefully, that suits the fabric best. And then put the curtain through a machine wash.

Take Professionals Help

When in doubt call the professionals. Mould can be a source of various health issues such as breathing problems, allergies, sneezing, coughing and more. And your close exposure to mould can cause many chronic disorders. Moreover, the treatments you do for mould removal from curtains at home may not bring your desired results but damage the fabric. Whereas the professional curtain and blind cleaning services of Mark’s Curtain Cleaning know all the methods to make your window covering mould and stain free.