5 Things To Consider While Cleaning The Curtains At Home

We rarely consider the risk of our curtains being too dusty or worn out. Nevertheless, there are a variety of matters in your curtains that go hidden. Dust, tiny spills, dampness from mop or wet shoes get worse, your favourite pet peeing on your curtain are all examples.

You can notice but don’t pull out the bleach just yet, even if you’re officially receiving it. When it comes to freshening up your drapes, dry-cleaning is usually the best solution. So think about your local curtain cleaning company before taking any DIY remedies. Sunshine and the other environmental components described above, such as mud, moistness, or, uh, cat pee, can diminish the texture of your curtains and cause them to stick unfriendly in the wash, as per experts.

Unless you have a simple flat-panel produced from pre-shrunk, dry-cleaning is the ideal technique unless you have a simple flat-panel manufactured from pre-shrunk, no-wrinkle fabric. Furthermore, while many “dry-clean only” items you can wash at home. Curtains frequently feature linings, decorations, and the hardware should make the DIY washing process.

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In 5 simple steps, learn how to clean curtains like a pro at your home.

1.Look for information on how to clean the curtains on the tag.

Check the label, before taking any step to see whether your curtains have any special care instructions. Of course, if the label specifies “dry-clean only,” “hand-wash only,” “lay flat to dry,” or any other curtain cleaning cost, it’s preferable to follow those instructions.

2. Get your curtains ready for the washer.

Assuming that any cleaning instructions on the curtain’s label don’t prevent you from using the washing machine. Professionals curtain cleaning guide you plan to use for the main cleaning event. But you first prepare the textile with a pre-wash.

This implies that before washing, you should vacuum the dust as much as possible to ensure that nothing sticks to the curtain’s fibres on their journey to perfect cleanliness. Also, at this point in the curtain-cleaning process, make sure all removable hardware is removed. During the spin cycle, you don’t want any buckle which grabs your curtains.


Plan on putting your washing machine to the “delicate” setting, using the lowest heat setting feasible, and light detergent unless specific instructions from the label you learned in the first step state otherwise. Additionally, keep the laundry load low key by washing only the curtains and nothing else in the mix.

4. Separate your curtains into two sections to dry.

Professionals  suggest running your curtains through the dryer on low heat for a few minutes after they’ve been washed, presuming the label didn’t specify otherwise. After that, give the curtains a fair shake and roll them to heat. The curtains will shrink less if they are allowed to air dry.

5. Iron the curtains to keep them looking new.

Professionals suggest ironing the fabric on a low heat setting before replacing your curtains in their proper location.

One of the crucial decorative items that you can use in your home is window blinds. These impart a graceful and luxurious look to your home. When it comes to cleaning the blinds, you need to be a bit extra careful. Whenever there are Signs of dirty blinds, you must clean them effectively to maintain their quality. 

Here are the things that you need to do if there are signs of dirt and dust on your window blinds-

1. If you’re seeing dust layers on your blinds

Window blinds can enhance the overall interior of a room instantly. But you need to take proper care and maintenance of the blind so that its life can be enhanced. Are you seeing layers of dust on the blinds? If yes then this is the time when you need to clean your blinds properly. Regular use of blinds will not only make it look dull but will also cause health issues and breathing problems. So, it is important to clean the blinds at least once a week. When you see these signs to get rid of odor from curtains and blinds, you need to clean the blinds.

Cleaning tip

For the removal of dust from blinds, you can always use a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes it is difficult to remove blinds to clean them. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner is the best cleaning equipment that you can use. All that you need to do is to use a vacuum cleaner once a week to remove all the dust. To get the best results, you must always close the blinds before cleaning them.  This helps in quick and efficient cleaning of the blind plates.

2. If you’re seeing stains on it

Stains on the window blinds are common and they can be seen in every home where there are kids.  Stains of wine, chocolate, and coffee can be tough to remove especially from blinds as they are tough to hang and remove. Therefore, cleaning is not an easy job. If there are stains on your Blinds, you must immediately clean them to prevent stains from becoming permanent ones.

Cleaning tip

Using a steam cleaner for this, this is one of the effective ways following which you can overcome the headache of cleaning tough stains. The use of a steam cleaner is useful as for this you don’t have to take your blinds out of the rod. Just close the blinds and use the steam cleaner to remove the stains. make sure you’re using only a mild cleaning solution for this. Signs of dirty blinds can be cleaned with perfection using the steam cleaner.


Are you seeing Curtain Cleaning in Canberra? Want to keep your blinds clean and enhance their life? If yes then all that you need to do is to follow these above mentioned cleaning tips. These are effective in stain and dust removal. These tips are easy to do to ensure cleaning of the blinds and maintaining their quality. So, follow these tips to clean your dirty blinds. So contact us as soon as possible to solve your problem.