4 Types of Helpful Curtain Cleaning Techniques

One of the most striking elements of home décor is the choice, selection, texture, and color of curtains. They are as important as carpets and sofa upholstery that lend brightness and vibrancy to a home. They lend a cooling pleasing environment and affect the emotions and mood of the people around it. So in order for them to look beautiful and make them longer lasting, regular curtain maintenance is necessary. Scheduling periodic appointments with Curtain Cleaning Melbourne service experts will keep your curtains and indoors clean, hygienic, and healthy.

If you are a business owner or have your company you would prefer hiring Curtain Cleaners Melbourne experts to service your curtains but homeowners can benefit by learning a few popular curtain cleaning techniques that can make them make better decisions and actions when it comes to their curtain care. Here the article lists four helpful curtain cleaning techniques that guarantee a look pretty close to cleaning executed by Professional curtain cleaning Melbourne specialists.

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1. Curtain cleaning using a lint roller and vacuum cleaner

This is something all homeowners should do on a regular basis. Run a soft bristled brush or lint roller first over the surface of curtains to remove lint and pet hair. Once these are removed, run a vacuum cleaner on the surface of the curtain. This will suck in all accumulated surface dust, debris, pollen and other contaminants to make them look fresh.

2. Dry cleaning your curtains

An important part of curtain cleaning is reading the label instructions. If it states dry cleaning, the curtains should be dry-cleaned by any Curtain Cleaning Melbourne service company. The service companies remove all sorts of soiling, smells, smoke, dust and pollen and return the curtains spotlessly clean with no shrinkage, keeping linings and hems intact. They re hang the curtains once they deliver. Dry cleaning should be done preferably by Curtain Cleaners Melbourne service experts, because they have the expertise and special formulation to do it well. They apply methods the colors and texture remain intact and all dirt and pollutants are removed using eco friendly products and solvents.

3. Curtain cleaning by hand washing and machine washing

When you vacuum your curtains all surface debris and dirt are removed but not the pollutants in inner fibers. So to keep curtains absolutely clean and hygienic routine washing is a must. For delicate curtains opting for hand washing is ideal and it prevents curtains form being mishandled and helps avoid any wear or tear. Soak the curtains in a tub of water with a mild detergent. Gently knead out the dirt with your hands, Rinse the curtains again with clean water to remove soapy suds and then dry them after gently squeezing out excess water.

Try washing curtains separately from rest of your laundry. Use water that is normal temperature and try drying in a shade to prevent color fadeout and have them look professionally cleaned as those done by Professional curtain cleaning Melbourne service.
You can safely machine wash if the label allows machine wash. Put the washer on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Remove hooks from curtains before you take them down and put them in the washer. Once they are washed immediately dry them to prevent piling up. Never use hot water as this might ruin the fabric.

4. Steam cleaning your curtains

One of the best options of deep cleaning dirty and heavy curtains is by steam cleaning. It serves dual purpose of cleaning and disinfecting your curtains restoring its hygiene. It’s a healthy practice to steam clean your curtains regularly as curtains if not cleaned can cause allergies and health risks. This method uses high temperature on the roots of fabrics and extracts the debris and renders it clean. Steam cleaning is best handled if executed by professional curtain cleaning companies. They have advanced tools and methods to do it to perfection.

The expert technicians steam clean heavy curtains while they hang from their rods. They run the steamer from top and work their way down the length. They keep the machine at a distance so that too much heat does not damage the fabric.
Hot water extraction is a technique used when curtains are not damaged by substantial amount of water. This method is gentle to fabrics but removes dust and dirt well. It uses a blend of hot water and special solution to clean off stains and after done the curtains has to be dried very well to prevent mold and mildew growth.