How To Use Bleach To Clean Shower Curtain?

Your home and its décor is a reflection of your own style and personality. A well kept home has a spic and span environment with well kept upholstery, dusted furniture and neat and clean kitchen and bathrooms. One of the most impressionable areas of your home is the washroom or bathroom. A clean, dry and well maintained bathroom is a sign of good hygiene and personal habit and taste. Shower curtains in the bathroom is a vital component that occupies a prominent place and keep it clean is necessary. Unclean shower curtains give away to bad hygiene. There are many professional places like Curtain Cleaning Sydney services that clean curtains, blinds and shower curtains. Shower curtains get dirty and may also develop moulds and having them cleaned can be a bit challenging for a few.

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Here, a few practical suggestions are provided to help you avoid hiring Curtain cleaners Sydney experts and tackle bleaching those dull shower curtains by yourself.

Bleach and cleaning shower curtains by washing machine

Begin cleaning by taking off the shower curtains from their hooks and putting them down. Take a big tub that may accommodate the shower curtain fully inside. Now take 4-5 liters of water and add a cup of liquid bleach or equivalent powder bleach inside the tub. Place the curtain in this solution. Allow soaking and moving them and then agitate them with fingers after putting on rubber gloves. Check to see if spots have gone. Now place in washing machine on warm setting. Place a few towels with curtains as this prevents curtains from getting stuck to each other and avoid wrinkling. Add a cup of liquid bleach and allow the machine to complete its full cycle. This will make you feel as confident as Professional curtain cleaning Sydney experts!

Bleaching shower curtain by hand wash

Unclip the shower curtain from their hooks and remove them. Place them in a bucket. Fill the tub with warm water and allow curtains to be submerged. You can also place the curtain rings in this. To this add 2 tablespoons of any detergent and a cup of bleach. Allow soaking for about half an hour. Observe curtain and spot clean the curtain using a sponge or microfiber cloth. Then rinse them thoroughly and dry them to give them a professional well cleaned appearance like those done by Curtain Cleaning Sydney specialists!

Using baking soda to hand wash shower curtains to bleach and clean them

Take a slightly mist or damp microfiber cloth. Lightly sprinkle baking soda to coat the cloth lightly. Now scrub this top down the curtain. Scrub with a light hand focusing on basic dirt, dust and grime leaving stains and spots alone. Take a new cloth and dampen it in warm water and wipe off well over the curtain surface to remove the baking soda. Scrub to ensure all traces of it is removed adding more water to cloth as and when required.

This done and having the basic cleaning achieved focus now on stain or mildew spots. Dampen the cloth and sprinkle on it some baking soda. Scrub on stains and mildew marks. With another clean cloth dampened in warm water rub on surface top down to remove baking soda bits. Rinse the curtains absolutely clean. Dry naturally.

A few things to remember as shower curtain care

Many people who schedule Curtain Cleaners Sydney experts for their curtains also get their shower curtains serviced periodically. By doing so the bathrooms look well maintained and it gives a new lease of life to the curtains. Those who are awakened to the advantages of regular home care should keep in mind a few important points. One is to test out detergents, bleach or cleaners on a small area of the curtain before applying them. By doing so you may avoid risks of damage or fading. If you see any reactions, then change the cleaner or detergent. If you are unsure reach out to a Marks curtain cleaning specialist.

Always make it a routine habit to read care label prior to washing or bleaching as it specifies what is safe to use and what is not. In doing so, you will preserve your curtains for a longer time.

Finally, once you have cleaned your shower curtains ensure that there is no room for mildew or mould growth. So frequently spray on curtain a mixture of water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio. Also remove from shower bottom lining any soap stud or scum to accumulate as this gives rise to unwanted growths and makes curtains look dirty and unkempt. When using body soaps shower gels or body wash are preferred over soap. These do not produce scum.