About us

We started in 2001, when there were one or two competitors in the curtain cleaning market but the demand was enough for this service. Our team started its journey from Melbourne with three members. After 20 years in the industry, we are a leader for curtains and blinds cleaning service in the entire Melbourne region and its suburbs. We have a record history of serving more clients in a year than all other companies. Thus, our team of experts is ready to ensure that your curtains, drapes and blinds are clean and fresh.

Professional curtain cleaning services in Melbourne

What Makes Us Different And Reasonable?

You might know so many curtain cleaners but we are different from them. Here are the details:

  • Emergency Cleaning Services- Available 24/7
  • Customer Satisfaction- This is a priority.
  • Local Experts- Available Anytime For Service
  • Licensed And Certified Team- Ensure Best Results
  • Flexible And Easy Scheduling- Hassle-Free Way To Work
  • Advanced Cleaning Equipment- Support For Best Cleaning
  • Outstanding Customer Support- Available For Your Queries
  • Reasonable Pricing- Pay For The Real Cleaning

Services Offered By Mark’s Curtain Cleaning

The available services at Mark’s Curtain Cleaning include curtain cleaning and maintenance, offsite curtain laundry dry cleaning service and onsite curtains and blinds cleaning.

Mark’s Curtain Cleaning, we are a licensed and certified team with an amazing reputation, you can expect the best service from our team in comparison to what you will get from any other professionals in this industry.

We are also a team for utilising cleaning solutions that will prevent allergy and disease spread.  We use non-invasive anti-dust mite, anti-bed bug and anti-bacterial treatment.

Mark’s Curtain Cleaning offer our solutions to homes, offices and building complexes that require curtains, drapes and blinds cleaning.

So, our services are a full-proof solution for your curtains, blinds and drapes cleaning needs.

Curtain cleaning services across all the suburbs of Melbourne

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