Expert Curtain Cleaning: Techniques for Fresh Curtains

Curtains are a prominent part of your home décor. They do not just add to the aesthetics of your home but also provide you with privacy and light filtration.   However, due to access exposure to sunlight and outdoor grime, dirt and dust your curtains become stained, mouldy and filthy. Hence, regular curtain cleaning in Melbourne is a must for commercial as well as residential properties.

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How to clean your curtains and freshen them-

Here are some ways in which you can clean the curtains and freshen them-

  1. Machine wash-

Washing your curtains in a washing machine is a convenient and easy method.  So, before you start washing the curtains, you need to check their label to make sure that they are suitable for machine washing.  If they are suitable for machine washing, then you need to place them in the machine with a mild detergent and set it on a gentle cycle.  Also, remember to use cold water to avoid shrinkage and discoloration.  After removing the curtains, hang them on the rod outdoors.

  1. Hand wash-

Washing your curtains with hand wash is a safe and gentle method.  For this, you need to start by removing them from the rod and shaking them gently. This will help you to loosen the dirt and debris. Then squeeze them gently for removing access water or detergent. Thereafter, hang them on a drying stand or a clothesline for adequate drying.

  1. Steam cleaning-

Steam cleaning enables you to freshen up the curtains without uninstalling them. For this, you can use a handheld steam cleaner and use hot water for creating steam.  Hold his device a bit away from the curtains so that the fabric does not get stuck in the panel.

Before your use this method, make sure that you have checked the manual which comes with the curtains to ensure that this method is safe for usage on your curtain fabrics.

Tips for maintenance of curtains-

  1. Dust your curtains regularly-

You dust and vacuum clean the curtains regularly to make sure that the surficial dirt and dust are cleaned from the curtains.  While doing this, use a mask to stay away from dust allergies.

  1. Utilize a vacuum cleaner-

Using a vacuum cleaner once a week is a good idea to maintain and freshen up your curtains. For convenience, you can also use a handheld steam cleaner which helps you to eliminate foul odours, stains and allergens.

  1. Clean the stains right away-

Sudden spills and stains are worst for your curtains. You might have stains of coffee, wine, ink or any other greasy substance. If the stain remains unclean for a long period, then it might settle on the fabric and ruin its appearance. So, make sure that you clean it immediately without allowing it to settle for long.


Curtains are a practical as well as a necessary solution for your curtains.  They add beauty and value to your home and make it look aesthetic. Hence, washing and cleaning them regularly is much important to maintain their freshness and look.  While doing so, you need to remember that every curtain is made from different fabrics and needs to be cleaned differently. Hence, it is the best option to approach experts who can guide you in cleaning and maintaining your curtains properly.

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