How To Treat Tough Stains On A Curtain?

Curtains are protective coverings usually designed for our windows and doors. A curtain serves several purposes apart from being a decorative item for a window or a door. They serve as the principal barrier between outside pollutants and your interiors.

Getting Rid of Tough Stains From a Curtain

These also help to regulate the amount of daylight or air that will reach the homes or workplaces. Hundreds of shapes, sizes, textures, colours and designs of curtains can be chosen for any home or office A curtain can accumulate dirt, dust and debris as they typically continue to hang. Heavy usage, especially in combination with dirt and moisture, can also lead to heavy staining. Stains and spots on any curtain can have an adverse effect not only on its appearance but also on your health and home environment.

Nasty stains will affect the curtain fabric’s condition and quality, and will also promote germ formation. Any stain on the curtain should be treated asap to prevent permanent damage and decolorization. Get stain-free curtains with the help of professional services.

Simple and less severe stains on a curtain can be treated at home using a variety of different methods. We’ll be providing you with some DIYs in this blog to treat tough stains on any curtains. For efficient and successful curtain stain removal at home follow these steps and instructions listed below.

Tips For Getting Rid of Tough Stains From a Curtain

  • Detergent and Water – Use detergent and water for an easy and simple way to treat common stains on any curtain. You may start by preparing a mild detergent solution with water, or any liquid soap. In general, the stain can be addressed with either a brush or an old toothbrush. Next, saturate the stained region with this detergent solution, and ensure that the stain is properly covered by the solution. Now use any brush or an old toothbrush to scrub the stain again and again. Keep rubbing and brushing the stained area until the stain completely vanishes. Rine the curtain fabric with plain water to get rid of detergent, and naturally dry the curtains.
  • Using Baking Soda as a Paste – Baking soda is another common substance that should be used to remove tough curtain stains. Baking soda not only manages to remove stains, but it also eliminates all the germs and odors lingering within the curtain. First, you need to make a thick paste of baking soda by adding some water. Make sure the paste is dense and smooth and spread this paste all over the curtain’s stained area. Also, apply the baking soda paste on to the other side of the stained curtain area. Leave the baking soda paste on the stained area for half an hour and let it dry. When the paste is dry, wipe it off the fabric and see the results. If the stain continues, clean the affected spot with a wet cloth and repeat the process.
  • Using White Vinegar – White vinegar is a little acidic, and a natural solvent that can be used for the curtain stain removal process. You can use it as your principal cleaning solution to clean any fabric curtain. Prepare a white vinegar and warm water solution, and pour it into an empty spray bottle. Sprinkle this solution over the curtain stain extensively and make sure that the vinegar solution saturates the stain. Now you can rub the stain repeatedly and consistently with any old toothbrush or a washcloth. Keep scrubbing and rubbing until the stain finally disappears.

Hire Our Professional Assistance

Ignoring the treatment of any stain on a curtain may lead to permanent damage and decolorization. Also, stains can compromise the hygiene of any curtain by promoting germ growth. We are a professional firm that provides its customers with all kinds of curtain cleaning in Box Hill. We deliver high-quality curtain cleaning services at low and reasonable costs.

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