Marks Curtain Cleaning Deals

Curtain Cleaning Deals

Grab a deal today and give your house a new and fresh look. Our prices start from $99* per curtain clean.

Free curtain stain & mould removal services

  1. Onsite Curtain Cleaning– 10% Discount
  2. Off Site Curtains Cleaning- 15% Discount
  3. Blinds cleaning- 10% Discount
  4. Commercial Curtains Cleaning- 20% Discount
  5. Commercial Blind Cleaning- 20% Discount
  6. Curtains Stain Removal- 5% Discount
  7. Curtains Dry Cleaning,- 10%Discount
  8. Curtains Steam Cleaning- 10% Discount
  9. Window Blind Cleaning – 10% Discount
  10. Home Curtain Cleaning- 10% Discount
  11. Eco-Friendly Curtain Cleaning- 10% Discount
  12. Drape Cleaning- 15% Discount

Special discount for Senior Citizen!!

No suburb too far for us, we service Curtain and Blind cleaning upto 100KM from Melbourne CBD.


Written by Mark