How much will curtain cleaning cost?

Mark’s Curtain Cleaning aim to provide you the best cleaning services at most modest price. You can give us a call or write to us to get a free quote on your specific curtain cleaning requirement.

Mark’s Curtain Cleaning Cost

Mark’s Curtain Cleaning aims to provide you with the best cleaning services at a most modest price. Basically, the size of your window covering lay the foundation for their cleaning costs. We charge you the curtain cleaning cost per meter square. The size of the curtain is never the same, that also leads to variation in the curtain cleaning price. However, we have given a list below in the table to share an estimate of the prices.

We offer both onsite and offsite curtain and blinds cleaning services across all the suburbs of Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. We come prepared if our client has opted for onsite curtain cleaning. The professionals bring all the tool and cleaning agents along. And in case of off-site curtain cleaning, we take down and rehang your curtain from the hooks for free with the utmost care.

Whether it is onsite or offsite, Mark’s Curtain Cleaning technician ought to deliver you high-end results. We bring the best out of your filthy curtain and even clean hard to reach areas of your curtains. Depending on the type of its fibre, we carry out the cleaning procedure using the appropriate method. It can be curtain steam cleaning or curtain dry cleaning, or non-immersion cleaning method, we will choose always the right for your curtains.
Curtain Steam Cleaning

Calculate your Curtain Cleaning Cost

For the measurement of your curtains, to calculate the curtain cleaning cost, first measure the height and width of the curtain.

For height, take the measurements from top to bottom while they are hanging, and for width hold the bottom of the curtain and measure it across the hem. Don’t include the lining of the curtain while taking measurements. And then, multiply the measurements of height and width, this will give you square meter size of curtains.

Remember the accurate the measurements, the accurate the cleaning quote will be. Our charges may vary depending on the type and style of your curtain.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Price List

These prices are per drop of fabric.

Thermals, Linings Un-lined $15 per sqm
Normal, Lined $22 per sqm
Blocked-out, Heavies, Brocade $24 per sqm
Velvets, Silks, Taffs, English $25 per sqm
Linen, Naturals (includes Ironing) $25 per sqm
Single Layer Nat/Linen (include Ironing)) $29 per sqm
Interlined $35 per sqm
*Above curtain & blind cleaning prices are just estimated price. Actual price may varies depends upon several other factors like Standard Height Curtains, Tall Curtains, stains, dirt etc.

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