Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Use

  • All our services include call out charges.
  • Free quotes are provided only over the call. If the customer demands us to be physically present at the property for the exact quotations, he/she has to pay a minimum call out fee.
  • Mark’s Curtain Cleaning registers request only till 24 hours after the completion services. After 24 hours, no complaints shall be entertained.
  • In case, we find the item(s) more damaged or there is any additional work to be done, extra charges shall be applied.
  • The customer has to allow technicians to take before and after photos of the items cleaned.
  • We do not provide any shrinkage guarantee services.
  • The prices quoted at the time of booking over the call may differ from final quotations. Final quotations will be given at the time of inspection.
  • The company will provide free storage for goods delivered to the company for no more than 21 days after notification by the company to the customer that the goods have been cleaned and are ready to be collected. The company reserves the right to make a storage charge for goods not collected at the expiration of 21 days. After 21 days the company shall not be held responsible when a sub-contractor is involved in the job.
Term And Conditions

Term And Conditions

Booking Cancellation and Amendments

  • The customers are free to cancel and make changes in the booking. They only have to update us about the amendments by calling our customer service centre on our toll-free numbers or by reaching us via email.
  • The customers have to inform us about the cancellation at least 3 hours before the scheduled time.
  • If the customer cancels the booking on the arrival of technicians/operator at the property, a call out fee shall be charged.
  • No additional charges will be applied for changing the appointment date and time.
  • Mark’s Curtain Cleaning holds all the rights to cancel an appointment when the service is not secured.
  • We shall also reschedule the service, or delay the service under inevitable circumstances.


  • The customer has to organize the parking for the operator’s vehicle. Also, the cost of the parking shall be added to the invoice. In case, the vehicle is not parked within a short distance, the surcharge shall be applied.
  • The team of technicians shall be provided with running water and electricity at the property.

Pricing and Quotations

  • Minimum call out charges for the services will be $99-$120. (They can vary depending upon the type of services)
  • The payments are to be made on the same day after the completion of service.
  • The payments are accepted either in cash, credit cards or AMEX cards.
  • Full payment is to be made in advance if the customer is not available at the property at the service time. The work shall not proceed in case no payment is made before the commencement of service.
  • Further, Mark’s Curtain Cleaning also reserves the right to change the quoted prices if the condition of curtains turned out to be different from the one described at the time of booking or if the customer needs some additional work to get done.
  • We bring portable machines that can be carried upstairs to the multistorey apartment. Additional charges may be applied, if the premises is on the 2nd floor and above, when there is no access to the lift.  


  • Our work validity is for 24 hours. In case the customer is not happy or satisfied with the work done by our technicians, they can reach out via email.
  • No refund requests are taken into considerations by Mark’s Curtain Cleaning.
  • Our technicians shall not be responsible for any existing damage to the curtains that can not be restored with our regular cleaning and restoration methods.
  • Mark’s Curtain Cleaning does not provide a redo service.

Stain Removal

  • We at Mark’s Curtain Cleaning, do not provide 100% stain removal guarantee, though we try our best to remove the stains completely.
  • Complete stain removal depends on the type of stains, the age of the stain, and fabric type of Item(s).
  • There are some stubborn kinds of stains such as bleach stains, ammonia stains, acid stains, grease stains, dyes, and high-alkaline solution, that leave permanent marks. Thus, we do not deliver guaranteed services on 100% stain removal.
  • In case of curtains already been sun damaged/discoloured, they can only be cleaned, no guarantee for stain restoration shall be provided.
  • However, no guarantee does not mean, the stains will not be removed even a bit, but we will try our best to restore your curtains.
  • Before starting the stain removal treatment, we need to know what treatments and attempts that have been tried onto the stains.
  • In the events, stains being too old and stubborn and we are not able to clean them completely, we will discuss the scenario with the homeowners. Only after their approval, we will proceed with the process to lighten the stains to make them least noticeable.
  • Additional charges shall be applied for the heavily stained and soiled item(s).

Smell and Mould Removal

  • We at Mark’s Curtain Cleaning do not guarantee 100% smell removal.
  • We try our best to rid your item(s) from the mould infestation, but do no guarantee 100% mould removal.
  • By hiring us for smell or mould removal, the customers acknowledge our terms and condition.


  • Mark’s Curtain Cleaning shall not be held responsible for any latent or unforeseen damage such as dye/colour migration or UV damage that is not clearly visible at the time of inspection before starting the work.
  • The customer has to acknowledge that curtain shrinkage for some curtains material is normal. 3% curtain shrinkage is the industry standard, but the customers can expect 5-10% shrinkage of curtains after the cleaning.
  • The client has to agree that curtain rubber back is subject to damage while dry cleaning process. Thus, the company does not hold any responsibility for the same.
  • We charge a fee according to measurement if the curtains are larger than normal size.

Factors We Consider While Making a Booking or quoting a Service

  • Type of curtain fibre
  • The extent of curtains been soiled and stained.
  • Type of property and property access
  • When was the last time the curtains cleaned?