Terms and Conditions

Before booking any services or making any deal, we suggest our customers read the terms and condition carefully. The use of our website and services shall be considered as a token of acceptance for agreement between the user and Mark’s Curtain Cleaning Melbourne. Moreover, please understand the terms and conditions before making any deal, if you have any trouble in understanding the terms & conditions, feel free to call us.

Term And Conditions
Term And Conditions


24 hours notice is required to cancel the booking or making any changes in the service. In case the customer failed to bring notice before 24 hours, he/she is liable to pay a call out fee of $90. Moreover, there are no charges applied for informing before one day. There is extra charges applied for the services after 6:00 Pm, early morning or weekends.


Customers can book any services over phone number or email mentioned on the website.

The customer is required to tell the card details and confirm the payment access to Mark’s Curtain Cleaning at the time of booking.

If your curtains need any repairing, fixing or installation, bring this to our prior notice. So, that we’d come prepared.

Quotations and Pricing

All the price mentioned in the quotation for each service is prepared by Marks Curtain Cleaning. The prices can be changed anytime, the customer has to pay for the services in advance. Moreover, if the property turned out to be big, we hold the right to change the price, which was discussed during the time of booking.

The price is quoted for general or specialised types of curtains the charges are included for cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, labour and cleaning equipment.


The customer has to pay the full amount for the agreed service to Mark’s Curtain Cleaning. The booking would be confirmed after the full payment of service before the scheduled service day.

The payment can be done in cash, cheque, credit card, cash, bank transfer. In case of payment done through bank transfer, the client must ensure that the payment has been done before starting the work.

Booking Amendments

Any changes in the booking are accepted before the one working day of prior notice, the customer can inform Mark’s Tiles Cleaning over a call or providing information on our website. We have a toll-free number you can call any time and inform us for any amendments to the booking 1800 332 969. Or you can write us by providing proper details on our website.

Written by Olivia