Curtain Pressings Service

Do You Need Curtain Pressing Services in Melbourne?

Maintenance of the curtains and the drapes is not an easy task, be it a silk, cotton or a mixed material. On one hand, where curtains add hundreds of points to the beauty of your house, they also need a lot of care and attention. 

Curtain Pressings Service
Curtain Pressings Service

We all are aware of the fact that cleaning the curtains from time to time is necessary so that it can retain its lustre and shine for a longer span of time. Similarly, ironing the curtains in the right manner plays a key role in their maintenance. 

Thus, a correct setup and the right method is needed in order to iron long heavy curtains and drapes.

DIY Curtain Pressing and Ironing

Following are some key points which you must remember and follow while ironing the curtains- 

  • You must start your process by setting up the iron board. For convenience, try to set this up near the place where you hang your curtains. Thus, once your work is done, no wrinkles are formed while transferring it to the hanging spot. Also, try to buy the boards with movable legs.
  • Next step involves setting up of the iron. Depending upon the type of iron, let it heat for some time. Also, you should make sure to have the correct setting for the kind of fabric you are going to iron. This is done because different types of fabric can bear different degrees of heat, and anything lesser or higher than that may spoil the fabric altogether. 
  • Prepare a spray bottle filled with normal water. Few drops of water help in ironing the curtains in a perfect way. 
  • Then, start the main process. You should remember to iron the curtains in different segments, starting from the top to bottom. This helps you in doing the work precisely while also allowing you to handle the lengthy curtains easily. Reposition the curtains as you finish one cycle from top to bottom. 

    Steam Pressing and Ironing Curtian Services
    Steam Pressing and Ironing Curtian Services
  • When you are ironing along the folds and across the width, remember to spray a few drops of water from your sprayer in order to dampen the curtain. Then, press the iron back and forth in order to form a pattern.
  • However, be patient while ironing the curtains. Do not hurry as a minor mistake can be harmful to your curtains and you can also end up hurting yourself. 
  • Now, hang the ironed portion, and let the lower portion hang down. Hanging the upper ironed portion avoids any kind of wrinkles. Now, carefully lay out the lower portion of the curtains on the iron board and repeat the same process.

Final Words

As a precautionary method, be sure about the type of fabric of your curtain. This is because the wrong temperature can damage the delicate fabric.

With this in mind, it is imperative to say that ironing your curtains at home is not an easy task. This is why we would highly recommend you to hire curtain pressing services in Melbourne.

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