DIY Curtain Steam Cleaning Hacks

Curtains hang prettily in your homes adding a splash of color and vibrancy to your living spaces. Yet they slowly attract dust, pollen, spores and a host of other pollutants from the air around and start getting dusty and dirty. They become heavy, soiled, spotted and start smelling. Regular care by hiring Curtain Cleaning Sydney services helps one avoid all this and curtains remain looking fresh and clean.

Get your Curtains Professionally Cleaned

Curtains are made of a variety of fabrics and over time if you want to have them look good cleaning them at home or by engaging curtain Cleaners Sydney services removes dirt, sanitizes them and removes possibilities of any health risks from cropping up. Home cleaning can involve several methods from surface to deep cleaning which can be done by home owners effectively.

Professional curtain cleaning Sydney experts offer excellent dry cleaning and hot water extraction methods; steam cleaning can also be done at home to thoroughly deep clean your soiled, greasy and dirty curtains. This article is all about steam cleaning a very popular and safe type of cleaning methods that is eco friendly as it cleans using no harsh chemicals. Aside from velvet curtains most curtains can be steam cleaned and the results can be quite satisfactory. The process although looks challenging can be executed with tools like a steam cleaner with specific attachment, a heating source and water which the base of the cleaning method.

Hacks to steam clean your curtains

Here below are easy steps to steam clean your curtains and come out tops like Curtain Cleaning Sydney specialists!

Fill up the tank of steam cleaner

The first step involves filling up the tank of your steam cleaner which is the energy or force behind the process. This water when heated gets converted to steam that will then do the magic. Begin by filling tap water into the tank below the brim. Once that is done switch the heating system on and wait for water to boil. This may take a few minutes depending on the steam cleaner’s make.

Pre test steam cleaning on a small area

It is very important to try a small area to pre test if the curtain fabric is tolerant towards steam cleaning or not. Apply steam on a portion of curtain that is not very visible like the corners. Allow steam to evaporate and check for any color fade out or damage to fabric texture. If all seems well proceed to steam clean the entire curtain.  This step is necessary to prevent any permanent damage. The professionals of curtain Cleaners Sydney services conduct steam cleaning through advanced techniques and equipment’s.

Steam application

Remember heated water can be dangerous. So it is important to put on gloves to escape any burns. Carefully fix the nozzle to the hose. Steam spray causes a strong force that ejects off tough debris and stubborn stain bits from the curtains. Experts from Professional curtain cleaning Sydney services advise that homeowners should hold the nozzle a good six inches away from curtain fabric to prevent damage or over wetting. Apply steam spray section by section in a top down manner.

Use fabric tool attachment

Detach the nozzle tool and then fix the fabric tool to the hose. This will remove all leftover residues, making curtains spotlessly clean and fresh. Move this closer to surface and spray steam with the brush both back and front side of the curtain. If you find the force of steam to be a little weak, turn on heating system to heat up water. Steam is very useful as it removes all spots and stains and de contaminates or disinfects the curtains with hot steam that kills fungus, germs and bacteria. For this reason steam cleaning is very popular as it cleans and sanitizes.

Drying the steam cleaned curtains

Once cleaning is complete it is time to air dry. Once properly dried the curtains look transformed, fresh and almost new with no stains or odors.

Smoothen out wrinkles

Steam cleaning aside from cleaning may also be used to remove curtain wrinkles. You may use this on newly opened curtains from their packages or just washed curtains. A hand held steam cleaner is a good substitute for iron and may be run on surface of curtains while they hang and are spread out. This removes wrinkles.

Steam cleaning is a very effective method that truly is a cleaning marvel. By going through this article homeowners will and should feel more confident about trying this out.