How to Remove Dried Phlegm Stains From Curtains

We all know that cleaning curtain stains is not a simple job. It requires a lot of experimenting with several over-the-counter cleaning products and home remedies until satisfactorily results are accomplished. The curtain cleaning task becomes more complex when it’s about evicting stubborn stains like dried phlegm or mucus stains. These stains will test your extreme patience levels and may require even the toughest detergents. Fortunately, you need not have to worry much. This article will teach you how to remove phlegm stains from your beautiful curtains:

Remove Dried Phlegm Stains From Curtains

Before We Proceed, Just Check Out Some Curtain Cleaning Tips:

  • Check the curtain labels and read care instructions properly before washing them. Some fabrics are only meant for dry or steam cleaning.
  • Choose the least damaging cleaning method first.
  • While using a vacuum, stretch the curtains and then use the brush roller over them.
  • Iron cotton curtains after washing.
  • Always read the label of the detergents/soaps you are about to use to clean your curtains professionally.
  • Never brush sensitive fabrics.
  • Use hot or cold water depending on the type of stain and curtain fabric.

Removing Dried Phlegm/Mucus Stains From Curtains

Mucus stains can be evicted by rinsing with a mild detergent and soaking in cold water. For dried phlegm that has caked on the curtain, you need to scrape it off first and then use cold water and curtain cleaner treatment. Use a soft brush or blunt knife to scrape the dried mucus off. You may also need to use a bleach product if the mucus has left color on the curtain. Once the stain is removed and the curtains have dried, you can iron them.

DIY Stain Removal Solutions To Remove Dried Phlegm/Mucus Stains

  • Use Ammonia:

    Add 2-3 tbsp. ammonia into the washer to remove dried mucus stains. Make sure to scrape off the mucus first and then put the curtains in the laundry machine.
  • Use Salt:

    Scrub the dried phlegm that has been sticking on your curtains with salt. Follow it with simple washing with detergent. We recommend a professional curtain cleaning in Sydney for your dark-colored fabrics.
  • Employ Glycerin:

    Make a DIY spot cleaner by mixing 1-2 tbsp. glycerin, 2 cups of water, and 2 tbsp. of liquid detergent.
  • Try Hydrogen Peroxide:

    You can also use a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to remove mucus stains from colorfast fabrics. Mix these two ingredients with dishwashing liquid detergent to ward off the stubborn stain.
  • Employ Lemon Juice:

    Light colored curtains can be treated with lemon juice to evict the dried phlegm stains. Pour the lemon juice on the spot and keep the curtain aside for 30 minutes. Launder as usual.
  • Use Rubbing Alcohol:

    If your curtain fabric is other than silk, rayon or acetate, you can remove the mucus stain with rubbing alcohol.
  • Try Borax:

    For baked-on crustiness and most stubborn stains, sprinkle some borax on the curtain fabric. Wash after a few minutes.

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