How To Spot Clean Your Curtains

The majority of property owners face the issue of curtain staining. Although not all the stains and spots are easy to clean, still we have gathered a few tips and tricks which can help you to spot-clean your curtains and maintain your fabrics. These tips will help you to deal with unwanted stains and tough marks on your curtains. Read on to know more-

  • Regular Washing-Some types of curtains can be washed gently by hand-wash. For this, you need to first remove all the hooks and keep the curtain flat. Use a mixture of water mixed with mild detergent to scrub around the stain. Once you notice that the stain has faded away, you can wash the fabric.

Alternatively, if you are washing your curtains in a washing machine, then fold the curtain and place it in a pillowcase. Then machine washes the curtain with cool water and detergent. You can also add a small amount of vinegar or a wool wash to eradicate bacteria from your curtains.

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Once your washing is complete, hang your curtains outdoors in a breezy spot. However, avoid placing them in harsh sunlight. Make sure that all the moisture from your curtains is eliminated and that your curtains are dry, fresh and clean.

The perfect time for washing your curtains with this method is during summer. This is the right time to wash and dry your curtains. This method is suitable for curtains made of polyester. However, you need to go through the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure that this curtain-cleaning method is useful for other materials.

  • Erase the stain with effective cleaning solutions-

For liquid stains, you can use cleaning solutions like club soda mixed with water or vinegar mixed with water. These solutions can work magic on your curtains and help you in eliminating unwanted stains.

  • Use baby wipes for cleaning the stains-

Baby wipes are one of the easiest and safe choices for washing away unwanted stains. This will make sure that your curtains are undamaged and free from spots, stains, dirt and pollutants.

  • Spot cleaning for stubborn stains-

If you have stubborn and tough stains on your curtains due to liquids like wine, ink, coffee or more, then you can consider using a dishwashing liquid for curtain cleaning in Melbourne. You do not need to use it in large portions, Just a drop or two mixed with cold water can help you in cleaning the spots from your curtains and making them pristine and clean. Apply the solution to the stain and allow it to settle down for a couple of minutes.

After that, you can notice that the stain is getting lighter and less visible. Finally, you can wash them with clean water and wipe them with a clean cloth. However, before applying the solution on an entire curtain or the larger part of the curtain, make sure that you carry out a patch test to ensure that the solution is safe to use on your curtains.

  • Get your curtains professionally cleaned by curtain cleaners in Melbourne

If this curtain spot-cleaning tips do not work on your curtains, then you will need to get them cleaned professionally by well-trained experts. You need to look for an expert curtain cleaning firm in Melbourne that can clean almost any type of stain from any type of curtain fabric and deliver the best possible results.

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