How To Steam Clean A Curtain?

Curtain has a different-different purpose to serve, such as home, theatre or meeting rooms, it adds up the privacy in the premises and gives a state of comfort that no one is watching any more. Curtain has a significant role in the society and often used inpoetry and hides a deep meaning within. To take care of the curtain is not important but a necessity, a dirty curtain leaves a bad impression also curtains absorbs dust, which can be really problematic, curtain cleaning must be done with precision, so that the curtain stays clean and hygienic.

Besides regular curtain cleaning, you can also do curtain steam cleaning. It’d be very beneficial for the curtain if you choose curtain steam cleaning once or twice in a year. Curtain steam cleaning can do an all-around cleaning and make your curtain free from dust, dirt and moulds. For mould infestation, curtain steam cleaning is the best option for mould removal.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

Here Are The Steps For Curtain Steam Cleaning.

While curtain steam cleaning is an all-round service for the curtain, it does the curtain cleaning, curtain sanitization and curtain stain removal. But curtain steam cleaning is suitable for heavy curtains, which are made of heavy fabric material. Thus, if your curtain is made of heavy fabric material, you can choose curtain steam cleaning to completely clean the curtain.

What You Need To Start The Curtain Steam Cleaning.

  • A steam cleaning machine.
  • A good quality shampoo.
  • A commercial stain removal solution.
  • Water.

You can either buy the steam cleaning machine or you can just rent it from any rental store. Make sure that you’re paying for a good quality cleaning machine.

  • Step-1

Take your vacuum cleaner and add an upholstery attachment to it, now thoroughly clean the curtain from both the side. Ensure that no dust and debris stays on the curtain.

  • Step-2

    When you’re down vacuuming, treat the stain if there’s any. Use a commercial curtain stain removal solution and pour it on the curtain. After that blot, the stain using a microfibre cloth and keep repeating the process until the stain is completely removed. Remember, before using any commercial solvent, do a spot test to make sure that it’s safe on the carpet.

  • Step-3

    Connect the wire of the steam cleaning machine to the socket and begin the steam cleaning from the top side of the curtain. Move the nozzle from upwards to downwards, use less than required the shampoo.
    It’s suggested that before using the steam cleaning machine, read the instruction manual carefully. So that you become familiar with it and use it in a proper manner.

Curtain Cleaning Services
Curtain Cleaning Services

Call Professionals.

If you choose to steam clean the curtain by yourself, you must know that there are some risks involved. Steam cleaning machine needs skilled hands, which only can be provided by the professional curtain cleaning because they do this job on a daily basis. Mark’s Curtain Cleaning is a known name in the curtain cleaning industry and has years of experience in the industry. Call us for bookings and have our services at an exciting prices.

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