Necessity Of Removing Blood Stains

It is very difficult to remove blood stains from curtains. It will be more difficult to remove dried blood from silk curtains. Because silk is very delicate fabric, so when removing its stains, you should treat it very gently. Out of the wide varieties of silks, each silk curtain cleaning methods are different. You can remove stains for washable silk, by yourself. Remember, you should test a small hidden area, before removing stains.


Steps to Follow:

Soak the stained area with cold water. Make sure it is damp but not completely soaked for a prolonged period. To blot the stain, use a clean, soft cloth. Turn the cloth to keep a clean surface repeatedly. Rinse the silk gently. Then let it to dry to avoid water stains.

Mix ammonia (1 tablespoon) with water (1 cup). Blot the mixture onto the stain by using a clean cloth. Blot the stain by using another clean cloth to. Then wash the silk curtain to remove any residue.

You may use Hydrogen peroxide, which is a stronger curtain cleaning product. Mix peroxide (1 part) with water (10 parts). Rinse the silk curtain as usual. Hang or lay it flat on a dry towel to dry it.

You had better take it to the dry cleaner. Mark’s Curtain Cleaning in Brisbane professionals will remove the stain with appropriate chemicals.

Money Saving Tip 

How to effectively remove blood stains from silk curtains by using only one or two readily available items. There will be no need to purchase any expensive cleaners allow the blood to fully dry for over an hour and the other area. It is more difficult to remove all of the stain during silk curtain cleaning procedure. You need to remove the blood stain with an ice cube by using a paper towel behind the blood stain. It will allow the area to remain drier and also speed up the process of removing the blood stains. Apply the ice and it will eventually evaporate. Take the ice cube and apply it to the stain. Allow the ice to sit on the stained area for 30 seconds, and then rub it into the stain. Continue rubbing the ice over the stained area until the stain disappears. Usually fresh blood only takes two to four minutes to remove the blood.

If you have a larger area that’s blood stained, you may want to consider taking the fabric placing it inside of small container, which is filled with ice. It must be placed just enough water to cover the ice and insert the fabric into the ice-cold solution to allow it to soak. After soaking for a few minutes, you could take a toothbrush or a fine bristled brush at the time of important curtain cleaning to loosen up the blood-stained areas. Then you could reinsert it back into the ice-cold solution. Repeat the procedure until the stain is gone. As you can see the blood stain has disappeared.

Healthiest Environment by Curtain Cleaning Professional:

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