Steps For Dry Cleaning a Curtain

It is important to take care of your curtains to avoid stains and keep them clean and tidy. Dirty curtains can hamper your interior decor and affect the overall beauty of your homes and offices. Curtains are normally used to filter light and provide privacy to people residing inside. By daily trapping of dirt, dust and mud your curtains will become uglier day by day and deteriorate the quality and effectiveness of your curtains with time. Hire professional mattress cleaning services for dry cleaning your curtains effectively. You can also follow this small guide for curtain stain removal and curtain dry cleaning. Proper curtain dry cleaning can also take care of curtain stain removal and also provide good curtain sanitization as well.

Curtain Dry Cleaning
Curtain Dry Cleaning

Steps For Curtain Dry Cleaning At home

Things Needed

  1. Dry cleaning machine.
  2. Dry cleaning solvent.
  3. Commercial stain removal
  4. Sponge & some piece of clothes.
  5. Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Step 1: Vacuum Clean You Curtain

    It is essential to thoroughly vacuum clean your curtain to get rid of all the dust and dirt lurking around and sticking to curtains. Dry cleaning machines will have a tough time to remove sticky mud and dirt on the curtain. Attach a dust removal hose to the vacuum and clean your curtains throughout removing any amount of dirt or dust.

  • Step 2: Curtain Stain Removal

    After completing vacuum cleaning of your curtain, you should start curtain stain removal separately. By giving special attention to old and sticky dirt marks on your curtains and look for stubborn stains around the fabric. Use a sponge rinsed in detergent water to rub and scrub off the simple stains on your curtains. For old and stubborn stains use commercial stain removal solvent on the affected area on the curtain and blot it repeatedly by using a cloth or sponge. Repeat blotting of stain again and again till you see the stain completely faded away.

  • Step 3: Dry Cleaning The Curtain

    Start by pouring the required amount of dry cleaning solvent into the dry cleaning machine. Keeping the curtain in still motion, turn on the machine and run the nozzle of the machine over the curtained in a slow pace. The solvent is excellent in providing good curtain cleaning results and by killing germs it can also take care of curtain sanitization. After dry cleaning your curtains you will see them clean, stain free and properly sanitized.

    Professional Curtain Cleaners
    Professional Curtain Cleaners

Hire Mark’s Curtain Cleaning

Professional curtain cleaners can deliver the bet curtain cleaning results effectively and efficiently. Mark’s Curtain Cleaning provides its customers with professional curtain cleaning services at affordable costs. By using specialised chemicals and latest equipment and effective machinery we can deliver the best curtain dry cleaning results within 24 hours of hiring. Hire our professional curtain cleaners today and guaranteed results without thinking about expenses.

Written by Olivia

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