Things to Remember Before Curtain Cleaning

You are buying curtains for your new house that suits the vibe of your apartment but torn between picking them in a store or getting them tailor-made. Curtains are the breath of the apartment and you should consider a few things before choosing to buy them. Also, curtain cleaning could be overwhelming sometimes.

Things to Remember Before Curtain Cleaning


  • Length of curtains.
  • Fabric of the curtain
  • To DIY or call a professional
  • Conclusion

Therefore, consider these things before cleaning your curtain with 3 easy steps.

Length of Curtains

Measure your curtain before calling for professional curtain cleaning in Canberra. The experts will need the length of your curtain before quoting a price. Along with that, the number of curtains you have in your house and which are the ones that’d need cleaning, and how heavy they are.

Fabric of The Curtain

There are different types of curtains. Some are bought to keep out the cold, while some are made of cotton, silk, and satin. Light curtains are easy to pick and washing them is relatively simple. It is necessary to get the patterned or printed curtains cleaned by professional experts as there are chances the printed curtains might get discoloured if handled or washed inappropriately.

To DIY or Call a Professional

While purchasing the curtain, do a spot test on the curtains and see if the stains can be removed using DIY techniques or does it require professional experts when it comes to cleaning. Consult the dealer or the curtain brand on what kind of cleaning the curtain might require and how often.


The above information are some of the facts that you need to consider while picking your Mark’s Curtain Cleaning experts. It is always a smart idea to have a vendor come and take a look at the curtains before going for a cleaning procedure.

Make sure you have done enough research before choosing the right curtain cleaning service to ensure they have a great lifespan.

Using accessories like tiebacks and clips make the curtains look neat and increase their longevity. There are certain weather types that might affect the appearance of your curtains. Making use of these accessories might come handy in dealing with issues brought by the weather.