4 Precautions For Curtain Cleaning

Curtains, along with your soft furnishings, furniture upholstery, and wall paint, are a very important part of your interior décor. Regular weekly cleaning of your curtains is mandatory, along with a quarterly professional cleaning to keep your curtains spick-and-span. There is a defined procedure that you must follow while curtain cleaning, along with certain precautions […]

Can Professional Curtain Cleaning Remove Stubborn Stains And Odours?

Your prized and valuable curtains may be an eyesore, sporting ugly stains and emitting unpleasant odours due to some accidental spills by guests and family members. You may, of course, try DIY curtain cleaning to remove these unsightly and persistent stains, but your attempts may not be successful. In such a case, professional curtain cleaning […]

DIY Curtain Steam Cleaning Hacks

Curtains hang prettily in your homes adding a splash of color and vibrancy to your living spaces. Yet they slowly attract dust, pollen, spores and a host of other pollutants from the air around and start getting dusty and dirty. They become heavy, soiled, spotted and start smelling. Regular care by hiring Curtain Cleaning Sydney […]

How To Use Bleach To Clean Shower Curtain?

Your home and its décor is a reflection of your own style and personality. A well kept home has a spic and span environment with well kept upholstery, dusted furniture and neat and clean kitchen and bathrooms. One of the most impressionable areas of your home is the washroom or bathroom. A clean, dry and […]