Rollers Blinds Vs. Curtains: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Curtains have always been an integral part of home decor, but what has recently started catching headlines are the blinds.

Blinds and curtains are a must for every premises. They not only add the beauty of your house but also protect you from scorching sunlight, chilly winter winds, and dust alike. And when you have so many options in hand, it is only obvious to get confused. Well, it entirely is a matter of your taste and to a large extent depends on the theme of your house. But, if you are confused about what to buy, then we have got your back.

Professional Roller Blinds Vs Curtains in Melbourne

Professional Roller Blinds Vs Curtains in Melbourne

  • Designs

    Curtains: Curtains are often stylish and have creative designs. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, type of material and the likes. This ability of curtains makes it easy to collaborate curtains with the other decorative items of the room, creating a good environment inside the house.

    Blinds: On the other hand, blinds also come in many styles and textures. Unfortunately, they are not diverse in designs and patterns as the curtains are.

  • Coziness

    Both Are Equal In Coziness: The presence of curtains gives a sense of coziness, thus creating a relaxing ambiance inside your house. However, blinds are not far behind too. They also impart the same level of comfort.

  • Noise Of Outside

    Curtains: The curtains also prevent the outside noise from entering inside. They act as a buffer and help in maintaining a quiet environment inside the house.

    Blinds: Owing to the design of the blinds, they are not good at stopping the noise coming from the outside. So, blinds are not too worthy if you want to stop entering the noise pollution.

  • Sunlight

    Curtains: due to their fabric and design, they are able to block the sunlight better. It is a better choice if you want to prevent the entering harmful UV rays to the premises. Also, if you want to let some amount of sunlight entering then you can also keep aside the curtain.

    Blinds: On the other hand, the spaces between the blinds let some amount of sunlight enter the rooms. This may be good or bad depending on your geographical location. It is up to you that where is your place located. 

  • Cost

    The cost of installation for both curtains and blinds is almost comparable or the same. However, curtains are cheaper than blinds because of the difference in their material and quality.

  • Ventilation

    Curtains may block fresh air up to some extent, but blinds owing to their flexibility in design act as a good medium for bringing the air from outside.

  • Safety

    As far as safety is concerned, with kids and pets around, one should go with window covers that have sharp ends or have cords that are within their reach. None of the covers must be too long as kids often hold and push them, which is risky as the pelmet may fall down in this case.

    So, from the above discussion, it is easy to conclude that buying curtains is better than blinds. But, this mainly depends on your requirements and the area you are living in.

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