Things to Remember Before Curtain Cleaning

You are buying curtains for your new house that suits the vibe of your apartment but torn between picking them in a store or getting them tailor-made. Curtains are the breath of the apartment and you should consider a few things before choosing to buy them. Also, curtain cleaning could be overwhelming sometimes.

Things to Remember Before Curtain Cleaning


  • Length of curtains.
  • Fabric of the curtain
  • To DIY or call a professional
  • Conclusion

Therefore, consider these things before cleaning your curtain with 3 easy steps.

Length of Curtains

Measure your curtain before calling for professional curtain cleaning in Canberra. The experts will need the length of your curtain before quoting a price. Along with that, the number of curtains you have in your house and which are the ones that’d need cleaning, and how heavy they are.

Fabric of The Curtain

There are different types of curtains. Some are bought to keep out the cold, while some are made of cotton, silk, and satin. Light curtains are easy to pick and washing them is relatively simple. It is necessary to get the patterned or printed curtains cleaned by professional experts as there are chances the printed curtains might get discoloured if handled or washed inappropriately.

To DIY or Call a Professional

While purchasing the curtain, do a spot test on the curtains and see if the stains can be removed using DIY techniques or does it require professional experts when it comes to cleaning. Consult the dealer or the curtain brand on what kind of cleaning the curtain might require and how often.


The above information are some of the facts that you need to consider while picking your Mark’s Curtain Cleaning experts. It is always a smart idea to have a vendor come and take a look at the curtains before going for a cleaning procedure.

Make sure you have done enough research before choosing the right curtain cleaning service to ensure they have a great lifespan.

Using accessories like tiebacks and clips make the curtains look neat and increase their longevity. There are certain weather types that might affect the appearance of your curtains. Making use of these accessories might come handy in dealing with issues brought by the weather.

We all know that cleaning curtain stains is not a simple job. It requires a lot of experimenting with several over-the-counter cleaning products and home remedies until satisfactorily results are accomplished. The curtain cleaning task becomes more complex when it’s about evicting stubborn stains like dried phlegm or mucus stains. These stains will test your extreme patience levels and may require even the toughest detergents. Fortunately, you need not have to worry much. This article will teach you how to remove phlegm stains from your beautiful curtains:

Remove Dried Phlegm Stains From Curtains

Before We Proceed, Just Check Out Some Curtain Cleaning Tips:

  • Check the curtain labels and read care instructions properly before washing them. Some fabrics are only meant for dry or steam cleaning.
  • Choose the least damaging cleaning method first.
  • While using a vacuum, stretch the curtains and then use the brush roller over them.
  • Iron cotton curtains after washing.
  • Always read the label of the detergents/soaps you are about to use to clean your curtains professionally.
  • Never brush sensitive fabrics.
  • Use hot or cold water depending on the type of stain and curtain fabric.

Removing Dried Phlegm/Mucus Stains From Curtains

Mucus stains can be evicted by rinsing with a mild detergent and soaking in cold water. For dried phlegm that has caked on the curtain, you need to scrape it off first and then use cold water and curtain cleaner treatment. Use a soft brush or blunt knife to scrape the dried mucus off. You may also need to use a bleach product if the mucus has left color on the curtain. Once the stain is removed and the curtains have dried, you can iron them.

DIY Stain Removal Solutions To Remove Dried Phlegm/Mucus Stains

  • Use Ammonia:

    Add 2-3 tbsp. ammonia into the washer to remove dried mucus stains. Make sure to scrape off the mucus first and then put the curtains in the laundry machine.
  • Use Salt:

    Scrub the dried phlegm that has been sticking on your curtains with salt. Follow it with simple washing with detergent. We recommend a professional curtain cleaning in Sydney for your dark-colored fabrics.
  • Employ Glycerin:

    Make a DIY spot cleaner by mixing 1-2 tbsp. glycerin, 2 cups of water, and 2 tbsp. of liquid detergent.
  • Try Hydrogen Peroxide:

    You can also use a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to remove mucus stains from colorfast fabrics. Mix these two ingredients with dishwashing liquid detergent to ward off the stubborn stain.
  • Employ Lemon Juice:

    Light colored curtains can be treated with lemon juice to evict the dried phlegm stains. Pour the lemon juice on the spot and keep the curtain aside for 30 minutes. Launder as usual.
  • Use Rubbing Alcohol:

    If your curtain fabric is other than silk, rayon or acetate, you can remove the mucus stain with rubbing alcohol.
  • Try Borax:

    For baked-on crustiness and most stubborn stains, sprinkle some borax on the curtain fabric. Wash after a few minutes.

Try Mark’s Curtain Cleaning Effective Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtain cleaning at home is not easy. Also, you won’t like to experiment with your precious curtains. For safe and efficient cleaning of your curtains, we recommend using Mark’s Curtain Cleaning Melbourne service. Call now for immediate help!

Necessity Of Removing Blood Stains

It is very difficult to remove blood stains from curtains. It will be more difficult to remove dried blood from silk curtains. Because silk is very delicate fabric, so when removing its stains, you should treat it very gently. Out of the wide varieties of silks, each silk curtain cleaning methods are different. You can remove stains for washable silk, by yourself. Remember, you should test a small hidden area, before removing stains.


Steps to Follow:

Soak the stained area with cold water. Make sure it is damp but not completely soaked for a prolonged period. To blot the stain, use a clean, soft cloth. Turn the cloth to keep a clean surface repeatedly. Rinse the silk gently. Then let it to dry to avoid water stains.

Mix ammonia (1 tablespoon) with water (1 cup). Blot the mixture onto the stain by using a clean cloth. Blot the stain by using another clean cloth to. Then wash the silk curtain to remove any residue.

You may use Hydrogen peroxide, which is a stronger curtain cleaning product. Mix peroxide (1 part) with water (10 parts). Rinse the silk curtain as usual. Hang or lay it flat on a dry towel to dry it.

You had better take it to the dry cleaner. Mark’s Curtain Cleaning in Brisbane professionals will remove the stain with appropriate chemicals.

Money Saving Tip 

How to effectively remove blood stains from silk curtains by using only one or two readily available items. There will be no need to purchase any expensive cleaners allow the blood to fully dry for over an hour and the other area. It is more difficult to remove all of the stain during silk curtain cleaning procedure. You need to remove the blood stain with an ice cube by using a paper towel behind the blood stain. It will allow the area to remain drier and also speed up the process of removing the blood stains. Apply the ice and it will eventually evaporate. Take the ice cube and apply it to the stain. Allow the ice to sit on the stained area for 30 seconds, and then rub it into the stain. Continue rubbing the ice over the stained area until the stain disappears. Usually fresh blood only takes two to four minutes to remove the blood.

If you have a larger area that’s blood stained, you may want to consider taking the fabric placing it inside of small container, which is filled with ice. It must be placed just enough water to cover the ice and insert the fabric into the ice-cold solution to allow it to soak. After soaking for a few minutes, you could take a toothbrush or a fine bristled brush at the time of important curtain cleaning to loosen up the blood-stained areas. Then you could reinsert it back into the ice-cold solution. Repeat the procedure until the stain is gone. As you can see the blood stain has disappeared.

Healthiest Environment by Curtain Cleaning Professional:

With professional Curtain cleaning that exceeds expectations while in preparation for your new family addition during delivering the healthiest environment, let Mark’s Curtain Cleaning help you safely clean your curtains.

Curtains are the most overlooked components of the interiors – to the point where we install them and forget about cleaning them. Not only do they add to the aesthetics of our apartment but keep our rooms away from dirt, heat, and uncertain effects of the weather.

Five Things You Should Know About Curtain Cleaning

Therefore, Let’s Look at Five Things You Should Know About Curtain Cleaning


  • Decrease allergies.
  • Improve Indoor air quality.
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Hand Washing.

Decreases Allergies

Curtain cleaning is an essential part of house cleaning. After cleaning the floor, carpets or furniture make sure you take care of the curtain so that the dirt does not stick to while cleaning any of the above. Curtains do a lot more than we imagine. They save our houses from insects, dust, unpleasant smell, and exposure of the direct sun.

Clean curtains means clean air – without dust. Cleaning on a daily basis ensures the absence of dirt accumulation which might bring in mites resulting in allergies.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

It is important to keep your curtain clean to improve the air quality indoor. Vacuum them daily to get rid of dust and allergens. Machine or hand wash them based on the instructions provided on the label, weekly. Reach out to clean the stains immediately as you find them as long as it is fresh.

In case the label says it needs professional curtain cleaning in Melbourne, getting them cleaned once in two months to ensure discoloration due to sun exposure and dirt is imperative.

Regular Cleaning

There are curtain types that show dust easily. Therefore, cleaning them on a daily basis using a vacuum cleaner means you will keep it away from losing its appearance.

Make sure you take care of the dust the same as you treat stains. The more you delay it the harder curtain cleaning gets for you.

Dry Cleaning

In case you are not available to clean the curtains on a daily or even on a weekly basis, having them dry cleaned by professionals once every two months is advisable.

Dry cleaning is a neat method to get rid of pollen, allergens, and mites that may have developed inside the fabric.

Hand Washing

Most curtains are machine-washable, while most of them can be easily hand-washed. In case it comes to cleaning the curtains by hand, make sure you use a detergent without any bleaching agents

Hand washing, like machine washing, will leave a few wrinkles that can be ironed out easily after being dried out.


These are some of the things that will help you go through a hassle-free cleaning process. Curtain cleaning would definitely have a clear idea as to how to deal with the issues with your curtain.

Next Article How to Keep Curtains in A Good Condition?

Curtains are one of the best things which makes your place look more beautiful. Drapery saves your home from the dirt which comes from outside. Moreover, you can even protect your self from sunlight or any other kind of illumination by just hanging the curtains right there. But maintaining the good condition of the curtain is one of the most difficult tasks. With regular usage, the curtain becomes the home of dirt, allergens, and stains which indeed damage the fabric.

Many homeowners avoid regular cleaning of their curtains which will decrease the life of it and soon they would need to replace the drapery with a new one. Undoubtedly, curtains cost a lot so it is very important to get it cleaned regularly so that they can always be in a good state. There are many reasons why you should ensure to get your curtains cleaned regularly.

It Important to Get Your Curtains Cleaned Regularly

Importance of Regular Curtain Cleaning

  1. Enhances The Look of your Home –

    It is important to get your curtains cleaned regularly as there are many reasons and one among them is it enhances the look of your home. The cleaned and fresh curtains add life and beauty to your place whereas the dirty ones may destroy the look of your home so do not take any chance and clean your drapery regularly to make your home more glorious.

  2. Eliminates The Allergens –

    The regular curtain cleaning has one more benefit i.e., it helps in cutting down all the allergens which spread due to filthy curtains. No matter how much you be careful but it takes no time for your curtains to get infected. You may never know when your kids and pets get infected with these allergens. So to save your family from bacteria it is very important to clean the drapery frequently.

  3. No Mold Formation –

    One of the other good reasons to clean the curtains on a regular basis is it helps in preventing mold formation. There are times when the climate is not so favorable or any kind of water split, may produce mold on your curtains in the future. This mold again infects the curtains and will even damage the fabric gradually. So do not take any risk and ensure to clean it on time.

  4. Increase The Life of The Curtains –

    You spend a lot on your curtains and it feels bad when you have to replace them with a new one just because the fabric is damaged or the color is faded. Regular cleaning has one of the advantages that it increases the life of your drapery. There are many methods such as dry cleaning and steam cleaning which will eliminate the dirt and stains residing on your curtains and give it a new and refreshing look. So to save your money it is very essential to clean your curtain at regular intervals.

  5. Increase your Reputation –

    The cleaned curtains also increase your reputation in front of the guest who arrives at your place. The people may feel annoying when the dirty drapery is hanged and thus may not like to come back. So if you want to create a good impression on the guests who come to your place then make sure your curtains are cleaned regularly and smells wonderful.

It is always a good option to hire the professionals for your curtain cleaning job. We at Mark’s Curtain Cleaning have a highly qualified and experienced team to perform almost all types of curtain cleaning in Melbourne. Our main motto is to provide quality service at an affordable price. So call us now to book our valuable service.

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